Useful Tactics for Driving SEO Traffic from search engines

Useful Tactics for Driving SEO Traffic from search engines

It’s imperative to know that Google is the most frequently used search engine in the world. Being the dominant player in the game, all companies and businesses strive to earn a high position in its results. This guide will outline the best tactics for you to gain a favorable spot on Google’s search results. After knowing these practices, you will be equipped with the knowledge of ranking your website’s content in other search engines as well. 

So how does Google decide which sites to deliver in return for the specific keywords internet users add to the search bar? How is it possible to achieve useful traffic on your website?

The algorithms of Google are very different to grasp but at a primary level:

  1. Google decides quality through many methods. However, the most crucial factors are the quality of different web pages which link to a page and a website’s link profile. 

  2. Google is searching for pages that include relevant and topnotch information which is compatible with the keywords in the search bar.

  3. Its algorithm decides relevance through crawling your content and judging if that content is relevant to the searcher’s inquiry, relying on the ranking signals and keywords.


Moreover, extra ranking signals are inspected by the algorithm to decide where a website will be positioned, for instance:

  1. A website loading speed and if it’s mobile-friendly.

  2. How people are engaging with the website. Do they stay on the site after getting the information or do they return to the search results page and visit another website? Or do users simply ignore your presence in search results altogether and never visit your website?

  3. The percentage of originality of the website’s content.


There are hundreds of ranking factors that are included in Google’s algorithm. It uses these factors in the feedback to the searches.